Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you can already envision the mad-eyed, sweaty-pitted rush to buy last minute gifts or, worst case scenario, flowers from the garage. If you've any sense at all you'll order your flowers in advance and get in ahead of the rush.

But what flowers should you get? See our guide detailing the best options for your loved one below.

New Love?

You've only been seeing each other a short while and you don't want to break the bank. You want to mark the occasion, but not scare them off just yet by being too keen. Simple, choose either a 2 Bottle Arrangement or a 3 Bottle Arrangement. At this price point you're saying I like you, maybe a lot, but I'm not sure it's for life yet. A good solid choice!

The Non-Traditionalist

You know your partner is not really a bouquet type of person. They probably scoff at people buying flowers for Valentine's and joke that it's a manufatured holiday. But deep down they would love to receive something special and out of the ordinary. The Long & Narrow Arrangement fits the bill. It's a stunning display and can never be confused with a bouquet. Who wouldn't be delighted to receive this from a loved one? Alternatively you could opt for the 4 Bottle Arrangement or the 6 Bottle Arrangement, either of which would suit any decor or location.

The Traditionalist

Unlike their opposite above the Traditionalist loves a good holiday and celebrates it like it's the last one ever. They're the people who put their Christmas Tree up in November, have pumkins out in September and ditch lent to lash into the chocolate well before you should. But you have to love their commitment to the celebration and their over the top joy! This person needs to be celebrated and what better solution than a bouquet fearturing Red Roses. The Endless Love Bouquet is a beautiful combination of Skimmia, red Naomi Roses, red Hypericum Berries, Grass and a selection of greenery. You can't get much more Valentine's than this! If there's a hint of non-traditionalist starting to poke through, you can go for the Amour Bouquet, which is primarily roses, but throws in some bright magical blue Vanda Orchids to the mix.

The Long Time Love

This is a tough one. What do you get someone that's put up with you for this long? Has listened to your gripes, watched you age and knows all your dark secrets? Is there any flower that could wipe that from your mind? Yes is the answer - you could go for the White Bouquet, a fragrant and beautifully balanced collection of white flowers and green foliage. Or alternatively the stunning James Joyce Bouquet combines fiery reds with cool greens. Either of these options will put a smile on your loved ones face and will give them momentary amneisa.

The Flamboyant

This loved one is not settling for anything discreet. Beige is not their colour. They want colour and heat and flamboyance! Both the Flame Bouquet and the Glendalough Bouquet offer just the right amount of wonderful. These vibrant floral displays are a beautiful way to honour the peacock in your partner!

The Vintage Lover

Does your partner like antiquing and collecting curios? Do they enjoy picnics and cream teas? Is Bake Off set to record in case an episode is missed? Then these vintage inspired bouquets are going to make their lace ruffle. The Purple Sensation Bouquet is a timeless collection of purples and lavenders, whilst the Candy Floss Bouquet couldn't be more romantic.

We hope we've helped you choose the right floral option for you to mark your love, but if not feel free to freestyle and choose your favourite from our Valentine's Day Flowers. Flowers are a joy to receive, but we all know the look on their face when they receive them is the real gift.

If you'd rather order your Valentine's Flowers by phone please contact us, or alternaively you can order a unique and bespoke arrangement or bouquet by calling in to any of our stores.

Happy Valentine's Day x

P.S. Flowers from the garage are never ok!