Christmas takes a lof of we're here to help ease the pressure and reduce the costs involved where possible!

Right now it's more important than ever to love your home. With many of us working in our kitchen or living spaces, and with Christmas coming soon, why not bring some festive joy to your own home or surprise a loved one.

This year, as a thank you to our customers for your continued support, we've put together some cost effective packages that not only give you more value, but also give you the opportunity to bring festive cheer to more than one room. Or perhaps you'll gift one of the combination to a neighbour or friend to show your support (package deliveries can only be made to one address).

As we reopen on December 1st (only 3 weeks before the big day), we're giving you a little time to get ahead in your Christmas planning...order now and book a delivery date that suits you.

Choose from the full range of seasonal offerings or select from the packages below:

  • Christmas Package 1: Florist Choice Bouquet + Christmas Long & Narrow Arrangement (was €140 now €126 + delivery, less 10%)
  • Christmas Package 2: 6 Bottle Arrangement + Christmas Candle Arrangement (was €110 now €99 + delivery)
  • Christmas Package 3: Joyeux Noel Arrangement + Flame Bouquet (was €160 now €144 + delivery)
  • Christmas Package 4: Christmas Long & Narrow Arrangement + 4 Bottle Arrangement (was €105 now €94.50 + delivery)