Valentine's Day Flowers

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Ciaran Mc Donnell

Thursday, 26 January 2017 12:41:03 Europe/Dublin


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Saint Valentine's Day, or Valentine's Day as it’s more commonly known, has been celebrated by lovers on February 14th each year for many years. It has always been customary to swop gifts on this special occasion, and flowers have become the traditional symbol of this celebration of love.

Whether you're planning to give - or hoping to receive - flowers this Valentine's Day, roses are the most traditional choice, being a strong symbol of love since the Victorian era.

According to legend the red rose was a favourite flower of Venus - the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty. Hence the red Rose came to be associated with love and romance.

Historians believe that the tradition of giving red rose on Valentine's Day became popular in the 1700s when Charles II of Sweden introduced the Persian custom of "the language of flowers" to Europe. Books giving details about meanings of particular flowers were published which demonstrated to people how entire conversations could be carried out using just the flowers.

Poets and romantics at heart also eulogised red rose as a symbol of love, passion and beauty that helped to create strong association of rose with love and Valentine's Day.

However there is no steadfast rule as to which flower is to be gifted on Valentine's Day - you can choose any flower which your soulmate likes most.

View our range of Valentine’s Flowers or alternatively select an alternative bouquet. You can also add a Valentine’s Balloon as an accompanying gift or as an alternative to flowers altogether.

Whatever your plans, we wish you happy and romantic Valentine’s Day with your loved one.