Choosing your wedding flowers

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Ciaran Mc Donnell

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 14:25:56 Europe/Dublin

Choosing your wedding flowers can be as important, and as difficult, as choosing your dress. The blooms, the colours and the style will set an immediate theme and style for your wedding.

The flowers will be one of the first things your guests notice on entering the Church or venue, so getting it right can be a headache. The Floral Art them are experts at helping you through the process and we have put together a list to share our top tips:

1. Start collecting images of any bouquets/arrangements/table displays you like. This will become a useful resource when discussing your requirements with us. Pinterest is a good source of material to see what's in fashion or even to gauge what style you're looking to achieve.

2. It is always best to provide a clear budget to your florist from the outset. we can then begin to show you possibilities that will match your requirements to your budget. Seasons and holidays can affect the cost of specfic blooms (e.g Valentines, Christmas) so take this into account when selecting your blooms. Don’t forget you can move your flowers from the church/civil ceremony to the reception to save on cost.

3. Try to define the style of wedding you are looking to achieve? Whether it's romantic, elegant, rustic, funky or any other theme, some flowers are better suited for different looks. Always provide your florist with a colour sample of fabric from the bride and bridesmaids dresses – it is a great help when matching colours.

4. We will help to ensure your bouquet selection suits your body shape and that the flowers compliment the wedding dress. You do not want a colour clash or anything that will overpower your overall look. You also don't want anything too heavy - remember you'll be carrying it for some time!

5. Try to bring a personal element to your day. If you have a favourite bloom or a flower that has some special meaning, incorporate it into your bouquet or the arrangements. It can bring a special element to your day. Flowers with a scent can also be particularly resonant to a memory or occasion.

6. Choose seasonal flowers if possible, or leave your flower choices open and concentrate on the colours and textures you like rather than specific varieties. By selecting what’s current on the flower markets, the quality and price will be the best available.

7. Spend your décor budget wisely, decorating areas of the church and reception venue that will be appreciated by your guests and feature prominently in your wedding photos.

8. Talk to your photographer about getting great shots of your wedding flowers, including a ‘portrait’ of your bridal bouquet. Your flowers are perfect for one day only! And a tip especially for grooms: buy flowers for your anniversary from your wedding florist and score points by asking them to include flower varieties from your wedding!

9. Look to start planning your floral displays and bouquets up to a year in advance. The more time your florist has to plan, the better the result will be.

10. Let your florist help you design your arrangement to suit your taste – it is always easier to do this when you are looking in from outside.

Finally, enjoy your day. Make sure all the little things are planned in advance, giving you time to enjoy them with your friends and family. 

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